Webinar 1

8/18/23 at 1pm CST

Get Ready for #ILGive 2016

Learn how to register and get ready for #ILGive happening on November 29, 2016. You'll hear from the fundraising and Giving Day experts at GiveGab about how to sign up for #ILGive and create an engaging profile, and more.

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Webinar 2

9/9 at 1pm CST

Developing a Long-Term, Donor-Driven Video Strategy

Time and time again, the video experts at See3 have been asked the same question by nonprofit communications professionals: "How can I make my video go viral?!" The way they see it, it's not enough to make a viral video. They want to help you make video that makes an impact.

With end-of-year fundraising and #ILGive just around the corner, it's more important than ever to be thinking about how you can use all of your communications tools - including video - to drive donations.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How great storytelling can help you raise more money for the long-term
  • Strategies for making engaging, audience-centric nonprofit videos
  • Tips and tricks to develop more cheap (or free!) video content

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In-Person Workshop

9/14 at 3pm CST

Kennedy King College

U Building, 740 W. 63rd Street, Room U-156

Get Ready to Boost Your Giving

Want to add some oomph to your donor outreach and engagement? How about a giving day? Join others and learn how to register and get ready for #ILGive for Giving Tuesday happening on November 29, 2016. You'll hear from the fundraising and Giving Day experts at GiveGab and Forefront about what #ILGive is, how to participate, and how you can use the next two months to rally your community to give to your cause using fun and easy social media tools.

If you have any accessibility needs or require assistance with registration, please contact us at registration@myforefront.org. Please be sure to include the title and date of the program in your email.

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Webinar 3

9/23 at 10am CST

Fundraising in Communities of Color

Communities of color remain a largely untapped resource when it comes to fundraising. However, as fundraisers begin to turn their development efforts towards more diverse populations, there remains the additional work of understanding the giving patterns represented within communities of color and how those patterns translate into actual dollars.

We’ll debunk the myth that people of color are not philanthropic, gain greater insight into the dos and don’ts of engaging with diverse communities, and most importantly, start a conversation about how to develop inclusive and sustainable organizations through the cultivation of a more diverse donor base.

Speakers include Juan Calixto, JeeYeun Lee, and Deidra Somerville.

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Webinar 4

10/4 at 1pm CST

Building a great #ILGive Campaign: Storytelling and Marketing.

Webinar for nonprofit leaders and development staff on how to build a successful #ILGive campaign in preparation for November 29th. We’ll look at successful examples from #GivingTuesday campaigns around the country and discuss how to engage new and existing donors with inspiring stories of the work you do every day.

In this webinar, we’ll share expert strategies on developing relevant messages wrapped in powerful stories and supported by data. We’ll conclude with a quick overview of the different types of campaigns that an organization can launch on #ILGive Day, why they would want to launch one, and show the basics around setup.

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Webinar 5

10/13 at 1pm CST

Turn your supporters into Fundraisers on #ILGive: Peer to Peer Fundraising.

Webinar for nonprofit leaders and development staff. Social, Personal, P2P or team fundraising are all names for the same concept: harnessing the power of your supporters and their networks to scale your impact. Peer fundraising leverages your team’s limited resources, spreads your story, and attracts new supporters. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how you can use the #ILGive platform to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on #GivingTuesday to align with your year end push.

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Webinar 6

11/3 at 1pm CST

Last Chance Webinar: Only 3 weeks to go, but there’s still time to get ready for #ILGive!

Webinar for nonprofit leaders and development staff. Halloween is behind us, now let’s carry that sugar rush into November as we hit the 3-week countdown to the launch of the giving season— starting with #ILGive on #GivingTuesday. In this webinar, we review the last- minute strategies you can focus on today to have a successful campaign on November 29th. .

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